Lunch Links: Online daters, beware; yoga may be overhyped, etc. -
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Lunch Links: Online daters, beware; yoga may be overhyped, etc.

A midday roundup of health news from around the web.

Health with friends: The power of community to promote healthy behaviors may be greater than any physician, clinic or hospital. (Huffington Post)

Online daters, beware: Internet dating has become the second most popular method of dating, but it's not without drawbacks. One flaw: Some sites claiming science-based approaches to matchmaking don't seem to have science behind them at all. (The Atlantic)

Yoga hype: Like any form of exercise, yoga benefits those who practice it, but it might not be everything it's cracked up to be. (USA Today)

Super-size that? No thanks: Many diners opt for half-portions even if it means paying the same price, according to new research. Scientists are tapping into the psychology of eating to find ways to trim portions without making people feel cheated. (LiveWellNebraska)

Chipotle makes a statement: Chipotle aired a commercial during the Grammy Awards that depicts the life of a farmer as he slowly turns his family farm into an industrial animal factory. By the end of the commercial, he opts for a more sustainable future. What do you think? Watch it below.

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