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Study: Beards aren't more attractive

A roundup of bite-sized health news from around the web:

Ditch the beard: Sorry guys. Your facial hair doesn't make you more attractive, and research confirms it. (L.A. Times)

Toddlers' teeth troubles: In Seattle, an X-ray revealed cavaties in 11 of a 2-year-old's 20 teeth because his mom didn't prioritize brushing. The number of preschoolers requiring extensive dental work suggests that many other parents make the same mistake. (New York Times)

Exercise changes your DNA: Even a short bout of exercise can change your genes in ways that may ultimately make you stronger, a new study suggests. Caffeine has a similar effect. (Fox News)

PTSD just got more troubling: A study shows Iraq and Afghanistan vets with PTSD and a history of substance abuse problems were four times more likely to get prescriptions for addictive painkillers than vets without mental health problems. (LiveWellNebraska)

Am I ugly?: The teenage years are full of angst, but now, some girls are taking their self-doubt public, posting videos on YouTube asking strangers: “Am I pretty or ugly?” (Time)

VIDEO: A cupcake vending machine? It's happening. Watch the video below. (AP)

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