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Alzheimer's affects younger crowd

A roundup of bite-sized health news from around the web:

Dementia affects younger crowd: About 200,000 Americans under 65 are among the 5.4 million Americans suffering from Alzheimer's disease, according to the Alzheimer's Association. Some as young as their 30s suffer from early-onset or younger-onset dementia. (LiveWellNebraska)

Daughter on a diet: Dara-Lynn Weiss writes in Vogue about publicly shaming her 7-year-old daughter in her quest for a slimmer, trimmer girl after the pediatrician advised her that her daughter was clinically obese. (Time)

Supreme Court reviews health care law: Today, U.S. Supreme Court justices will enter the second and most crucial day of historic arguments that could determine whether most Americans will have to buy health care coverage or pay penalties. (LiveWellNebraska)

Do children harvest your food?: Knowing the farmer who grows your food has become an important tenet of the modern food movement, but little attention is paid to the people who actually pick the crops. Today, nearly 500,000 children as young as six harvest 25 percent of our crops. (The Atlantic)

VIDEO: Your cell phone may be giving you neck, shoulder and back pain. Check out the video below to learn proper posture when using your gadgets.

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