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4 tips for a healthier Turkey Day

Like pumpkin pie for dessert on Thanksgiving, for a lot of people, gaining weight over the holidays is a given.

Sure, it's OK to treat yourself at family gatherings and parties. But the key is to not overdo it.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Never go to a party hungry

Try eating a healthy snack beforehand, like yogurt with granola or raw vegetables and hummus. Saving calories throughout the day so you can indulge in eggnog or a buffet of holiday treats will only increase your chances of overdoing it.

Don't overindulge

It is in fact possible to enjoy holiday treats AND make smart choices. Eat those cookies and brownies in moderation, and try to limit yourself. Be sure to add a few healthy items to your plate, too, like vegetables and lean protein.

Drink smart

Holiday party-goers should not only be cautious of what they eat but also what they drink. Holiday alcohol beverages can be loaded with calories, and the more drinks you consume the more likely you are to head back to the buffet line.

Drink tips:
• Try non-fat or “skinny” version of coffee drinks
• Choose low-calorie beer
• Choose wine – the average glass of white wine is under 120 calories
• Instead of eggnog try a spiced-cider, which is usually less than 90 calories.

Keep active

Eating well is one key component -- the other is keeping active. Go to the gym, take walks, exercise with light dumbbells indoors – whatever your preference, just keep moving.

Here are a few more tools to help keep you healthy this holiday season.

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