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Get fit pre-holidays with this DIY bootcamp

Jill Koegel is a registered dietician and certified personal trainer based in Omaha. She blogs every Wednesday for Read more from Jill here

It seems everywhere I go these days, I hear people talking about the latest workout they've tried or how they're attending some sort of a "boot camp" before the holidays.

Others, however, don't want to spend the money on a class or don't care to join a group for one reason or another.

Designing your own personal boot camp or circuit-style training routine is a good solution and can be simple if you follow the format below. It's smart to have a professional evaluate your exercises and form to assure the best injury-free workout possible. Additionally, if the workout gets too easy, or you need motivation and accountability, don't hesitate to hire a certified training professional.

Using the steps below, write down a workout and try to complete it on your own. Take note of what's hard and easy, and think about how you might change the type of exercises or the intensity for the next time you do the circuit.

1. Choose a mode of aerobic exercise, something that will make your heart pump and cause you to breathe out of your mouth. Do this exercise hard enough that you break a sweat and have a hard time completing a sentence of conversation. For simplicity's sake, choose from the following:

• Jumping Jacks
• Jump rope
• Marching with high knees

2. Choose one exercise for each major muscle group:

• Chest: Chest press, chest fly, pushups
• Back: Row, bird-dog Superman holds
• Legs: Squats, lunges, calf raise
• Shoulders: Shoulder press, lateral raise, front raise
• Biceps: Bicep curl, hammer curl, cross body curl
• Triceps: Dips, overhead extensions, tricep kick backs

Perform 12 repetitions of each exercise, three times. Use enough weight so that you are tired by the last repetition of each set. If you're unfamiliar with these exercises, look them up or ask a professional. Most are simple to perform, but simple changes can be made, too, to help you get more out of your efforts.

3. After choosing and recording your aerobic and strength training exercises, determine the format. A simple way to do this is to perform 2-3 minutes of your cardio exercise between sets of strength training..

A sample workout might be as follows:

• Warm up march, 2 minutes.
• Twelve pushups, three times
• Jumping Jacks 2 minutes
• Twelve double arm rows, three times
• Jump rope 2 minutes
• Twelve shoulder press, three times
• March 2 minutes
• Twelve bicep curls, three times
• Jumping Jacks 2 minutes
• Twelve tricep dips, three times
• Jump rope 2 minutes
• Cool down march, 2 minutes

When you are finished, stretch each muscle group and do a core strengthening exercise, like plank or bridge up. Occasionally change up your workout to continue to make it challenging!

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